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Precision Tooling, Design, & Fabrication Solutions

JBJ Precision Industries specializes in providing precision tooling and fabrication solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications including those that serve the technology, medical, and military defense sectors.

We work closely with engineers throughout the machining process to deliver customized products that reflect our values of fair pricing, exceptional quality, and timely delivery. Our state-of-the-art machine shop upholds its commitment to reliability, precision, and accuracy on a global scale.


Precision Tooling

A commitment to excellence in precision tooling enables JBJ Precision Industries to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in the high-tech manufacturing industry. With the most current technology and equipment, we create customized products and offer ultimate solutions in both design and use.

Exact Specifications and Tolerances


At JBJ Precision Industries, we work closely with our worldwide client base throughout the design process, from initial consultation to final product inspection. Offering excellent customer service, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will review designs and provide sound advice as well as an overview of our machining capabilities. To ensure that we meet the exact specifications and tolerances of our clients’ designs, we routinely recalibrate all of our tools and machines, and we pride ourselves in having a clean, well-maintained shop that can reliably transform designs into precision crafted products that preform at the highest quality.


Superior Machined Products


Throughout the fabrication process, the skilled staff at JBJ Precision Industries ensures exactness in order to create superior machined products that reflect the required tolerances and specifications of original designs. In our Colorado Springs, Colorado-based machine shop that upholds high standards of cleanliness, we employ state-of-the-art machinery including Haas CNC and Bridgeport CNC manual and automatic lathes, which we regularly recalibrate along with all of our machinery to produce precision work. Before delivering final products to our global client base, we thoroughly inspect, hand deburr, and clean all surfaces. Finally, we re-inspect and ship our products out well protected and professionally packaged so that they arrive in mint condition and can be easily received at various operations around the world.

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